MT-11 displacement digital display

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MT-11 series displacement digital display meter is used for the display and control of analog signal of displacement sensor. It can be used for transmission function or communication function. It is connected with single chip microcomputer, PLC and frequency converter to form a complete measurement control system. The digital display measurement and control instrument has a variety of signal input functions (resistance, voltage, current, etc.), automatic calibration and manual calibration functions, any point clearing function, upper and lower limit alarm function, 24V external power supply function. Optional output signal transmission function, digital communication function, printing function, etc. The input signal and output signal of the digital display meter are isolated, with strong anti-interference ability and high reliability.

Main performance parameters:

Basic error:     0.2% FS, 14 bit a / D converter (maximum 18 bit a / D converter, to be noted when ordering).

Input signal:    DC voltage signal,with resistance output displacement sensor (conventional model);

                         Voltage: 0-5V, 0-10V, 1V-5V, mV, etc. (input impedance ≥ 1M Ω);

Current:     0-20mA, 4-20mA, etc. (input impedance ≤ 250 Ω)

Sampling period:     0.2S (10-200 times / s, optional)

Display:     single row four digit LED digital tube display

Alarm output:     the instrument can be equipped with multiple relay outputs, with relay contact capacity of AC220V / 5A or AC220V / 1a. It can be equipped with up to 16 relays, and can select upper and lower limit control, control setting value and return difference value.

Transmission output:     4-20mA, 0-20mA (load resistance ≤ 250 Ω, if the load is too large, please indicate);

                                        1-5V, 0-5V, 0-10V (load resistance ≥ 200K Ω).

Communication output:     isolated communication interface RS485 / RS232 baud rate 1200-9600bps

Printout:      RS232 interface, TTL interface.

External power supply (feed output):     DC24V / 30mA (conventional model), DC12V / 30mA

Temperature compensation:     0-50 cold end temperature automatic compensation, error: ± 1 ℃

Power supply voltage:     AC220V or DC24V

Power consumption:     4W

Ambient temperature:     - 20-70 ℃ (it can gradually bear the limit temperature after 30 minutes of starting and running at normal temperature)

Relative humidity:     ≥ 85% no condensation, avoid use in corrosive, flammable and explosive gases

Panel size:     96mm × 48mm (regular model), 160mm × 80mm, 96mm × 96mm, 72mm × 72mm, 48mm × 48mm

Model description of mt-11 displacement digital display meter:

Common faults and treatment methods of digital display meter:

Communication Description:

Mt-11 displacement digital display meter can be equipped with RS232 and RS485 interfaces to directly communicate with the computer. TXD, RXD and GND of RS232 interface are respectively connected to pins 2, 3 and 5 of computer serial port. The data format is 1 start bit, 8 data bits, no verification and 1 stop bit. In order to avoid communication conflicts, instruments are in listening mode. The computer sends the command to the instrument according to the specified address, waits for the instrument to answer, and the instrument sends the data after receiving the correct command. After sending, the instrument is in listening mode again. In the same system, the instrument address cannot be the same, and the baud rate must be the same.

The standard Modbus RTU communication protocol is adopted for the digital display meter. The commands 03 and 06 can be used to connect with almost all the configuration software. When using the configuration software, the address type of Modbus RTU is 16 bits, and the configuration king register is used to start from 4001. Other configuration software can start from 3001.

For example: reading the PV (PV = 1000) value of the instrument with address 1, sending data is 01 03 00 00 01 84 0A, returning data is 01 03 02 03 E8 B8 fa (where 03 e8-1000, integer data without decimal point, if the decimal point dot is 2, the data is divided by 100), 01 is the instrument address, 03 is the function number, 00, 00 is the starting address of the register, 00, 01 is reading a number, 84, 0A is the check code In the returned data, B8 FA is the check code. If you want to read PV and j1ha data, you can send 01 03 00 00 02 C4 0b. When j1ha = 1234 is written, data 01 06 00 01 04 D2 5A 97 is sent. Note that when the input signal is thermocouple signal and the decimal point is 1, the measurement value format is one place after the decimal point, and the alarm value and alarm reset value do not have decimal places.

MT-11 displacement digital display
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