Wiring instructions for Series F pen LVDT displacement sensor:

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LVDT displacement sensor can be widely used in aerospace, machinery, construction, textile, railway, coal, metallurgy, plastics, chemical industry, scientific research institutions and other industries of the national economy, to measure the elongation, vibration, size, deformation, expansion and other high-tech products.

F series pen type LVDT displacement sensor has excellent performance, which is suitable for displacement measurement, quality control and high precision, high repeatability measurement. The probe adopts high hardness wear-resistant material silicon oxide, and the moving part of the measuring shaft adopts precision guide rail. The sensor is equipped with external transmitter, 12-24V DC power supply, and the electronic circuit is sealed in 304 stainless steel metal tube, which can work stably in the humid and dusty environment for a long time, and output 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA analog signal or RS485 digital signal, which is convenient to connect the PLC system and other acquisition devices or digital display devices.


Pen shaped rebound displacement sensor with outer diameter of Φ 8mm

Built in precision linear bearing, good repeatability

The probe is silicon nitride ceramic ball with good wear resistance

High precision, high resolution, good repeatability

No sliding contact, long service life

Application fields:


Shaft diameter detection

Precise displacement measurement

Glass production inspection

Automobile parts inspection

Performance parameters:

Power supply       12 ~ 24V DC

Working current         voltage output power supply current ≤ 12mA;

                                    Two wire 4-20mA current output type LVDT, power supply current 4-20mA

Displacement range        0-10 mm general

Output signal         0 ~ 10V, 0 ~ 5V, 4 ~ 20mA

Linear error        ≤ 0.25% FS

Repetition error         ≤ 1um

Resolution        ≤ 0.1um

Dynamic characteristic       3Hz

Measuring force        80g

Operating temperature          - 25 ℃ - + 85 ℃

Withstand impact          250G / 11ms

Vibration tolerance          10g / 2KHz

Temperature coefficient zero point         ≤ 0.01% / ℃

                                                                    Sensitivity ≤ 0.025% / ℃

Installation dimension drawing of F series pen LVDT displacement sensor:

Wiring instructions for Series F pen LVDT displacement sensor:

Selection description of F series LVDT displacement sensor:

Sensor installation and use instructions:

1. A margin shall be reserved for the selection of sensor range. The buffer zone of about 1mm at the front end of F series LVDT displacement sensor shall be avoided during installation and use.

2. Choosing the right power supply, the voltage is too high or too low to ensure the normal use of the sensor.

3. The sensor probe shall be installed vertically on the detection surface, and the installation screw shall be locked after the position is adjusted.

4. F series LVDT displacement sensor has high precision, so it should avoid high temperature, high radiation, electrostatic interference, high frequency interference, electromagnetic interference and other interference sources to ensure the sensor detection accuracy.

5. The sensor shield wire is well grounded.

6. Properly wired. If the wiring is wrong, the sensor may be seriously damaged.

7. The mounting bracket provided by the manufacturer shall be used as far as possible for sensor installation and fixation. If self-made clamps are required for installation and fixation, they shall be designed and installed under the guidance of the workshop technicians.

Wiring instructions for Series F pen LVDT displacement sensor:
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