MLT military grade pull rope displacement sensor for machine tool

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MLT pull rope displacement sensor, measuring range 500mm ~ 1200mm, military grade, sensor output signal types are: resistance output, voltage output (0-5V; 0-10V), current output (4-20mA, two-wire system or three wire system). The sensor has the advantages of small size, high precision, convenient installation and use. It is specially used in machine tools and equipment, and can also be used in special occasions with bad external environment.

Features: long service life, up to 5 million times of operation,

High precision, linear precision 0.15%, repeatability precision 0.02%

Various models, various signal output options, convenient for system acquisition or long-distance transmission

High protection level, special for machine tool

Description: shell anodized aluminum

Fixing with assembly screws

Measuring element potentiometer

Two mounting screws are included in the delivery

Main performance parameters of the sensor:

Sensor installation dimension drawing:

Sensor wiring instructions:

(it is forbidden to connect the sensor to 220V AC industrial power supply. The three wire current output pull rope displacement sensor shall be connected with the load first, and then energized for debugging to avoid the sensor overload damage.)

Main application fields: MLT pull rope displacement sensor is specially used for machine tool equipment, and can also be extended to: storage location, gate opening control, pressure machinery, paper-making machinery, textile machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, construction machinery, woodworking machinery, oil pressure machine and other mechanical equipment displacement measurement and location.

Sensor selection Description:

Sensor installation and use instructions:

1. When selecting the range of pull rope displacement sensor, margin shall be reserved. It is strictly prohibited to use it beyond the range. Generally, a larger range can be selected based on the actual travel.

2. Use sensor mounting bracket or fixing screw hole to install or add protection device directly according to the needs of site and machine installation space facilities.

3. When installing and using the rope pulling sensor, pay attention to keep the rope pulling parallel to the rope outlet (maximum allowable deviation ± 3 °), so as to ensure the measurement accuracy and service life of the sensor.

4. Please pay attention to the protection during the installation and use of the sensor pull rope to avoid external force abrasion, scratch, dust or debris intrusion into the sensor, resulting in the sensor not running smoothly.

5. Before the rope displacement sensor is installed and fixed, do not pull out the rope and spring it back at once, which will cause the rope to break and damage the potentiometer in serious cases.

6. The instantaneous speed of reciprocating motion of rope displacement sensor shall be less than 1 m / s.

7. The running direction of the sensor pulling rope shall be kept level with the direction of the rope outlet. If the running direction changes, a pulley device shall be installed.

8. For outdoor use or installation in humid environment, please do waterproof treatment in advance, please contact us for instructions.

MLT military grade pull rope displacement sensor for machine tool
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