KTC rod type linear displacement sensor

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KTC rod type linear displacement sensor

KTC rod type linear displacement sensor, measuring range 50mm~1250mm, total 7mm buffer stroke at both ends, linear accuracy 0.1%~0.04%FS, repeatability ±0.01mm. Sensor potentiometer principle, absolute position measurement type displacement sensor, output DC voltage signal. It can also output standard 0-5V, 0-10V voltage signals through the built-in voltage module, current module or RS485 module; 4-20mA current signal or RS485 digital signal to meet the needs of system acquisition or long-distance transmission (built-in transmission module sensor) The outer casing needs to be lengthened by 30-60mm).

Features: long service life - up to 50 × 106 times,

           Excellent linearity

           Resolution is higher than 0.01mm

           High running speed

           DIN430650 standard plug and socket

           Protection class IP67

Description: Housing Anodized Aluminum

           Assembly crimping bracket

           Transmission stainless steel, rotatable

           Bearing, rotary plain bearing

           Resistive element

           Brush assembly precious metal multi-contact brush with elastic damping

           Electrical connection DIN43650 standard 4-pole silver plated socket

Shipped with: 1 universal joint (optional fisheye universal joint); 1 Hessman plug; 1 gasket; 2 fixing brackets and 4 fixing screws

Main performance parameters of displacement sensor:

Displacement sensor installation dimension drawing:

Sensor wiring instructions:

Main application areas: KTC rod type linear displacement sensor is a general-purpose displacement sensor, which is suitable for displacement measurement and positional positioning of various types of equipment. Such as: injection molding machine, die casting machine, rubber machine, shoe machine, EVA injection machine, hollow bottle blowing machine, woodworking machinery, hydraulic machinery and so on.

Displacement sensor installation instructions:

1. Select the linear displacement sensor range to leave a margin. Generally, select the range of the larger specification based on the actual stroke. When installing the sensor, leave the remaining amount at both ends evenly. After adjusting the position, lock the bracket screws.

2, the sensor installation should pay attention to the installation of the universal joint, adjust the neutrality. If the centering deviation and the tilt deviation are large at the same time, it will affect the measurement stability and service life of the sensor.

3. The linear displacement sensor is used as a voltage divider to access the circuit, and the actual value of the measured position is displayed as a relative voltage.

4. The sensor supply voltage should be stable, and the industrial power supply requires ±0.1% stability, otherwise it will cause large fluctuations in measurement data.

5, the power supply must have sufficient capacity, if the power supply capacity is too small, it is easy to cause the display data to jump, especially when the solenoid valve drive power and sensor power supply together, it is more prone to digital jitter.

6, there can be no external interference, including static interference and high frequency interference. Therefore, the sensor signal line should be routed to the power line of the device; the sensor should be installed with a forced grounding bracket and the sensor housing should be well grounded; the signal line should be shielded, and the shield should be grounded or connected to the DC power supply at one end of the box. negative electrode.

7. The sensor should be wired correctly. If the wiring is wrong, the sensor may be seriously damaged.

8. Long-term use of sensors, due to the intrusion of water, oil, dust, etc., affecting the contact resistance of the brush, which will cause the sensor measurement data to jump.

KTC rod type linear displacement sensor
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